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    Thanks for the Xmas Wishlist gift!


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      The lovely Asus R9 Nano White Edition that I won during the Xmas AMD Wishlist competition arrived today!  It's already created a bit of jealousy with the Darkside claiming it's power for their own nefarious purposes.  Who can blame them?


      I will be installing the R9 Nano into my current Echelon ITX rig shortly & will run benchmarks to show how much of a monumental upgrade this is from my HD7950.


      Thanks again to AMD for running the competition & for selecting me to be one of the winners!

      Best of luck to everybody in the upcoming giveaways!

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          That Nano thinks its a storm trooper

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            so will we get to see some numbers later from you're fully operational battle station....

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              FS NAno.jpg

              First FireStrike Run that actually went through without timing issues (damned Windows 7 Aero performance notifications!)


              As shown the graphics card isn't recognised by 3DMark - maybe because of it being the White Edition?  But damn, it feels good to go from 58% mark to 86%!  My previous MSI HD7950 was hitting around the 7000 mark.


              The card itself is definitely a hot running beasty and with the fans set to avoid too much thermal throttling it's plenty loud, but I used ot live with a single fan XFX HD6950 & as long as any new card is quieter than that jet engine I'm happy. I can actually get hold of a thermal imaging camera through my work so maybe I'll be able to take some photos of it in action.


              There is definitely coil whine present, it presents itself as a high pitched buzz as opposed to a squeal.  But I am working out ways to minimise it, locking framerate back down to my monitor's 60Hz minimises it quite a bit, but unfortunately on some loading/title screens it runs away nevertheless (I'm looking at you Valley exit screen).


              I will post more results as I make them.