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Screen Flicker @ Desktop w/ r9 nano on LG 34um95

Question asked by rconian on Jan 28, 2016
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Getting a screen flicker whenever I turn on my system or when the computer comes out of Sleep mode. The GPU I have is r9 nano in crossfire with another r9 nano. I originally thought the DP cable went bad so replaced it with a brand new one still keeps happening. Tried swapping card positions and different ports with the same issue. Tried Crimson Edition 15.12 and 16.1 hotfix drivers.


Monitor in question - LG 34UM95

Cable -


Should be noted that I was running a GTX 780 and never had this issue until I switched to the r9 nano. Any questions or suggestions please, the cards are 4 days old and this is driving me insane!


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I have tried ramping my 2D GPU Clock to 1000MHZ to match my 3D clock like some people have suggested on other threads but that did not work. The only fix I have somewhat found is to unplug my display port cable from slot one and move it to slot 2 on the gpu. Sometimes I only have to do it once sometimes 3 - 4 times. I have tried 2 Different cables that are brand new. I have tried different monitors but it seem to only effect my LG monitor.


Please any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated asap being as I only have so long till I cant return the cards if it cant be fixed.