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    AMD AHCI Compatible RAID Controller Driver... does it even work in Windows 10?


      Does this driver work?


      I've read every document on the net and I can't install it post windows. It installs but never installs. (right click install on INF)


      I had this all working perfectly on Windows 8. I'm down to testing it with a clean install. Surely such an extreme method to install a driver, if it works, is well beyond needs to have the files updated land!



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          Motherboard GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket AM3+ - GA-990FXA-UD7 (rev. 3.0)


          It's been one big mess... First a backup drive on the RAID on a separate controller (Marvel) would write a few files then slow to a few bytes a second. That end up causing the MB to fault on boot. The MB was set off to Gigabyte for repairs. Nothing wrong. The 3000GB drive was sent back, unknown if it was actually failing as it seems other disks behave badly.


          The the RAID disconnected itself from W10. I think it did originally install when the upgrade was done but I can't be sure of that now.


          But the big issue is that I can't install the driver without creating a new boot drive. I have 4 days work of programs I would have to reload to the boot drive. Some of those programs I use rarely but they are time based updates. I'll have to repurchase some of them.

          What we need is you guys to look at the driver and come up with a post window 10 installing, install method. There must surely be some fairly simple updates to the driver that will make Win10 see it and install it correctly. It's totally not good enough as it stands and the only AMD are not getting a flood of complains because of the limited number of people that use it. Sorry we are so few but we clearly need a better post windows installer for this driver urgently. I'm not be able to access my RAID since September.