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'Fps drop' and pc crash with just open on firefox

Question asked by jaffy on Jan 28, 2016



I've an amd radeon r9 200 / hd 7900 series graphic card, latest drivers installed -tho I use the catalyst control and not radeon software due to some issues I posted on another thread CPU Alimentation control on new AMD Radeon software? - and while I was watching a stream on (opened using firefox) I felt like it was having a sort of fps drop, not dependant on stream but on my own pc. So, I increased power of processor throught ccc as I usually do for games when I have low fps. At some point, video got stuck, had a bzzzzzzzzzzzzz sound in headphones and had to reboot pc from the button on the case.


Addin the screenshot due to some misunderstanding I had yet on the other post, related to the fact people were talking bout gpu when it says cpu and that made me lost since I'm noobish at these things.

I'd wanna know if that crash has been caused by drivers or card and what could be the issue.


Also, while I'm playing Blade and Soul, if I stay too long in the cross server party looking window, I get pixelated screen till when a message from near the pc clock (I use win 10) pops up saying that my graphic drivers were damaged and they got repaired. Im makin a ticket to ncsoft support but meanwhile I wanted to ask about it also here. Ty for attention and in advance for replies