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    Since Crimson: Where are shortcuts to presets? Why are presets broken? Back to the 90's - thx to AMD! [not funny]


      Hi guys,


      before Crimson came out, it was possible to save whole "monitor setups" as a preset.


      Well, it's still possible to save a preset, buit since Crimson it misses 2 important features:


      * First, it doesn't save the whole "monitor state"! (More infos below!)

      * Second, it's not possible to assign a hotkey like "STRG+1" or "STRG+F1" for a preset!



      To the first issue: The preset is saving all prefs made in the settings window, but e.g. not how many monitors are active. Let me explain:

      I have 3 monitors running with my R9 380. One FreeSync monitor in the middle, one 120Hz monitor on the left and one "usual" on the right side - all at 24".


      Before Crimson, I had 3 presets:

      * 1 monitor 144hz   [ the middle one ]

      * 2 monitors           [ middle + left ]

      * 3 monitors           [ all 3 on ]


      I assigned a shortcut for each preset like STRG+1 / STRG+2 / STRG+3 to switch fast and easy through my presets.


      But now, it's not possible anymore! Shortcuts are deleted, this option was taken away for no reason and without replacement!

      Furthermore, Crimson doesn't save the whole monitor state! It's not possible to enable/disable monitors within the driver! That was possible before! Now you have to enable/disable monitors via Windows settings!!! Thanks for step back AMD Corporate ! Now it feels like back in the 90's! Why?


      * "Crimson" is used for most actual settings (e.g. freesync)

      * Old "Radeon Graphics Driver" window is used for presets and settings stuff you're not able to implement in Crimson

      * "Windows Settings" must be used to turn monitors on and off!!


      And because the whole monitor state is NOT saved (the preset doesn't save the state of a monitor if it's enabled or disabled!!!), my "old" 1/2/3 monitor presets are not working anymore!!

      That means, the preset section is totally useless nowadays, you killed it without reason!


      Are you planning to reactivate "full monitor state" saving presets WITH the possibility to assign shortcuts to each preset, or is it DEAD for you?