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My fury x gets a random black screen without warning

Question asked by siccmr187 on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2016 by siccmr187

Hi, Just curios to whether this is a fault with my card or a common problem with current drivers. I'm on the latest beta hotfix crimson drivers. to be honest I cant remember whether the problem started then or before because I have had all kinds of problems with this card since late December. The latest issue I have is a random black screen  that will appear out of nowhere, be it during a game or web browsing. Sometimes a restart fixes this, sometimes the issue stays until I have turned the PC off for a few minutes then power back on. The fury X LED load display occasionally has a single green light while the black screen is present, sometimes it has no lights whatsoever. Also  If I'm gaming I can still hear the games music in background.


Ive read a lot of people have the same issues, is there anyone with windows 10 and same specs as me that doesn't have these issues? Do I RMA or wait for drivers?


system specs


FX 8350 watercooled at 4.5 Ghz


Asus crosshair formula Z


16Gb corsair Vengance ram


EVGA supernova 1200 watt psu


AMD Fury X