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    HDMI Output Port on R9 380 Randomly Dies During Games


      Some Background:

      So I was having issues with my display driver crashing starting about November (my computer is very new, <1 year old). On certain games, my display driver would frequently and randomly crash, my game would crash, and I would be kicked to the desktop. This would happen infrequently--maybe 1x/hour. Never during light use (web browsers, etc.) does this happen.


      Where I Am Now:

      I started having more frequent crashes in a different game starting this week. Sometimes, this would happen in less than a minute of starting the game. I decided to uninstall (in safe mode, etc.) and reinstall the drivers to see if that would fix my display driver crashing problem. Now, I have a different and much worse problem (and my computer is basically useless for gaming now)--


      Now, instead of my display driver dying, the HDMI port dies, and as far as I can tell, there is no way to recover from this aside from restarting my computer. So basically, whenever I want to play this game, I have to restart my computer within 5 min of the game loading.


      What I Want To Know:

      How do I fix this? I spent quite a bit of money on my computer, and it pretty much won't work.


      What I Have Done For Debug So Far:

      1. Uninstalled (in safe mode) and reinstalled drivers--this made the problem worse
      2. Did a power supply rating calculation--no issues here
      3. Checked my drivers to make sure they are latest


      Questions I Have:

      • Could this be an issue with my surge protector? --But wouldn't this cause my entire computer to crash...


      System Specs:

      OS - Windows 10 Home (x64) Version 1511 (build 10586.63)

      Graphics Card - XFX Double Dissipation R9 380 (Drivers are up to date)

      CPU - 3.50 gigahertz Intel Core i5-4690K

      Power Supply - EVGA 600 B1 80+ BRONZE, 600W

      Not Overclocked


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          Almost exactly the same thing happens to me. Latest game was 'The Witness', I run it fine and everything, and then just black screen... can't restart it right away either, so I don't know if it's output or what. I try to follow CPU usage and Memory in Task manager, that's fine as well, doesn't go over 50%... They had some problem with the shadows, but they fixed that, and it wasn't on all AMD cards, bu it was on R9 380. I just think it's silly that this card is having these bugs, although it's suppose to be somewhat... descent comparing to some others... I mean I don't know what's going on, and I asked myself couple of times here on forums, and they never answered. Here are my specs:


          Windows 10 64-bit

          MSI Motherboard

          Radeon R9-380 2GB VRAM

          8GB RAM

          AMD FX-6300

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              Hi, just to add up. I was invited to test an alpha version of Paragon over the weekend. And I've managed to play around 5 or so matches without any freezing, and today, it froze to black screen, and I had to restart the computer. I have all the latest drivers installed. People on the Paragon forums, that have the same issue with the R9-380, are saying that it is completely random when the crashes are occurring, no matter the game settings. Devs said that they will look more into it, to try to fix it... but it's just something that is turning out to be quite of an issue. Because quite a lot of games are having this problem with this card. So can you give us some feedback, as to whether you will look into the driver problems with this hardware, or are we stuck with it, and should just get a new graphics card. I mean, it is sort of annoying for it to constantly happen... it's obliviously an issue, that seems to be ignored.

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              The same question here, fallout 4, AC:S, If before i update driver (15.10) game just crash to desktop (first time i stumble on this problem in fallout 4) but now with crimson driver i have just random black screen after 10-300min in game.

              Windows 10, i5-4670k, asus b85-plus, displayport

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                I was wondering if there was any news about this issue. I'm still experiencing the same crash with AC:S, even after the hotfix update released the 3rd of february.

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                    Having this issue with my R9 285 card on Win 10 as well, seems a few folk are from what Google returns to me. Might want to hit this up on Twitter as I had some joy with the Witcher 3 issues the 285 had and was involved in a dialogue with one of the AMD GPU head honchos (AMD Roy I think it was).


                    Playing Fallout 4 and AC:Syndicate and my game will freeze for a second or two, screen goes blank then both monitors power off and the only way to recover is with a hard reset (which has already killed one of my HDDs and has another at death's door, thanks AMD). Everything still runs in the background but the display adapter just refuses to restart. Can be four hours into the game, or four minutes, there is no pattern at all to the crashes.


                    Playing Sid Mieir's Beyond Earth gives me no issues at all, same with a full playthrough of Fire Watch, it is just those two games that i have tried I get the issue with. Really regretting buying the 285 now, it has just been issue after issue with it, and I may even end up going green in April when the new nvidia cards come out.

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                    Hello all,


                    I am having this exact same issue on my PowerColor R9 380 except that it isn't just the HDMI output but the DVI as well.


                    I absolutely crash at random intervals in every game into a non-recovery state and have to force restart back into Windows 10 in order to use it.  It can be after 5 hours of gaming, or it can be (like just now with Ryse and the ballista), after the first 10 minutes of the game.  Games include, but are not limited to: ARK, Fallout 4, Total War Series, Starcraft 2, Ryse, etc.   Interestingly enough the older games that are less taxing on the system, like Dawn of War 2 and Warframe, suffer from this as well but tend to be in the 5 hour category.


                    The only games that seems to work past this is Sid Meier's Civilization 5 and Beyond Earth, but honestly the only reason I know that is because I can binge play those games for 24 hours.

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                        Half of my crashes (Warframe, ARK, etc.) were fixed by increasing my power draw max to 110% in the radeon settings under Games -> Global Settings -> Graphics Overclock (I think not at my computer atm).


                        The other half (Fallout 4, ESO, Ryse, etc.) were solved with the following:

                        1. Go to your registry: Start -> Run -> Type in "Regedit"

                        2. Go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers" and create a key of type "DWORD (32-bit)" and name "TdrDelay" with a value of 8 or 10 as a Decimal value.

                        3. Reboot and play

                        In a nutshell it gives the GPU 8/10 seconds to recover/respond vs. 2 seconds (default).  This alleviates the “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered” issue and/or the HDMI/DVI output being turned off.

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                        I have the same probleem in the game the division, BattleField 4

                        my set is

                        I5 6600K

                        ASUS Z170-M plus motherboard

                        Sapphire NITRO R9 380 4GB

                        8 Gb DDR4

                        i have the latest driver installed : Crimson Edition 16.4.1

                        now is it 11-04-2016

                        this happend after the 16.3.2 update


                        also the division is verry unstable had some crashes with the game deu to driver isseus of video card

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                            Have done what Aprosule set but no luck

                            now i have done a clean install of AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition Display Driver version 16.15.2211

                            still no luck


                            here my setup again


                            I5 6600K

                            ASUS Z170-M plus motherboard

                            Sapphire NITRO R9 380 4GB

                            8 Gb DDR4

                            still a drivers issue or what Dont want to go team Green but whit this probleem

                            it's getting verry tempting