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replace my burnt gpu

Question asked by guza911 on Jan 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by kappameister

So your previous driver version burnt my 2 GPUs. They were XFX 7950 cards working in crossfire...I am no longer able to afford a new GPU for months ahead so I will not have one making me a bit sad and a bit angry at you.

What guarantee do I have you will not let this happen in the future ?

Is there a single reason you would suggest I spend so much cash on a gpu that I have no guarantee will not burn because you forgot to make the fans work while it heats up..

My gpu is currently in the box waiting for me to decide to throw it away and think of a way to get a NVidia GPU...tough it happened to them once but they replaced GPUs to people even if it was out of warranty due to the fact it was their fault alone..


Here I have no hopes of such a thing happening.