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    A10-7870K or FX-8320E or FX-6350 ?




      I want to build a low price "Gaming" PC and I want to know if the best game performance will be with the A10-7870K or with the FX-8320E or with the FX-6350 ?


      The other components are :

      GPU : R9 280X 3Go

      RAM : 16Go

      Mortherboard : MSI 970 Gaming or ASRock FM2A88X Extreme4+

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          The APU might be a better choice, performance isnt bad especially when you have a dedicated GPU. Future upgrades will be lighter on the pocket.


          The 6350 is 3+3 cores but will be better at overclocking. The 8320E is 4+4 but isnt the top of the line for that series so you may find it hard pushing it much further.

          Unless you need/might need/want 8 cores, go for the 6350. Both will be last gen at some point this year.


          For a budget gaming rig go with the APU.


          This is 2 years old ish but might offer some perspective of what your after.

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            seeing you have a dedicated gpu there is absolutely no reason to buy an apu , for the fm2+ socket the athlon x 4 860k is current best cpu with the 880k coming later this year and are 4 cores .if you go this way make sure the mobo has a cooler on the vrms as for whatever reason most dont and will thermal throttle once the mobo vrm get to hot


            personally i would go with the fx 8320e as the 8 cores will games better for the games that will utilize the extra 4 cores and will multitask better with the additional cores , if you got this route make sure the mobo has a 8 x 2 power phase so it can supply the cpu with plenty of power , budget wise the msi 970 gaming is ideal .