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Why was Exchange Display removed from Crimson?

Question asked by shadowkiller00 on Jan 26, 2016

Why was the Exchange Display function removed from the controls when Catalyst changed to Crimson? It was pretty much the only feature I used and was relatively easy to deal with. I uninstalled the software when it first installed because I couldn't figure out how to activate my third display when I needed it but now my games are complaining that I'm not on the latest driver and I've been forced back onto Crimson. It seems like a relatively simple function and I can't figure out why it was thrown away. I figured out how to do it now but it is through the shitty Windows 10 interface instead of through the nice Catalyst interface. I'm trying to be civil in my message here but I honestly feel like swearing because the Crimson control center feels like 10 steps backwards in terms of functionality. Can you at least just give me the ability to use the Catalyst interface with the latest driver set? Then I'd be happy again.