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AMD Driver Dropdown Selection Faults

Question asked by judas on Jan 26, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2016 by ray_m

I'm going to try and keep this brief, and i've had tried to use various other forms to contact AMD about their site issues regarding the problems facing a few people that don't seem to be getting better, but rather arguably worse. I work in repair as well as retail, including technical support, of which revolve around video issues, both mobile and desktop.


The problem is that there has been a significant increase in failure to properly list the correct drivers for individual products.




User owns a R5 230 Desktop Graphics adapter


Visit the AMD website's driver selection page to make a manual selection (and even if the auto driver detection is used), proceeding through selecting the correct options leads to a page showing the Latest 2 driver sets, one of which is the current 16.1 crimson as well as the previous set.


The problem is that neither of these drivers install and cannot be forced (disabling driver signing to force the driver, manually modifying the INF to include the proper hardware IDs and forth) to work, these drivers don't have what is needed.


Having gone through the process of backtracking to previous sets only to find them unable to work as well due to not having the DEV_6779 R5 230 model (though they list all the mobile 230's and 240's and up), it just ends up driving a lot of potential customers up the wall as well as myself when something so easy, specially in the past, is now hugely problematic, specially when some of these users have very little tolerance or understanding for computers.


I managed to track down that the Desktop variant is natively supported only under the Legacy driver options which through a process of selecting manual selection options that don't in any way match that of the hardware. The legacy 16.1 drivers for example do work and install without error.


Now this isn't the first time I've dealt with this... it also applies to numerous APUs too... even for legacy drivers that don't work on them even though the manual selection of that driver should be easier, specially being a A series APU with the 6000g Graphics, Having gone through quite a number of driver packages, i never did actually find one that worked under a windows 10 environment. Considering the massive uptake of windows 10 users, they are finding their machines are performing poorly, specially if windows 10 is also unable to determine what driver it should use and simply keeps the generic microsoft VGA supplied standard graphics, as everyone knows, means for a very unpleasant experience, and that's a very big understatement.



I would like to ask that the division of AMD responsible for creating and managing the driver selection page and the team that compiles/packs the drivers for release, SPECIALLY for the WHQL driver packages at the VERY least, make certain that the products clearly listed as supported are in fact supported rather than creating the confusion and frustration just trying to get a driver for a product. I think this is a very reasonable request that any consumer would ask.