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I'm unable to convert an existing DDS file to a BC6H DDS file using ATICompressCLI

Question asked by lviolette on Jan 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by lviolette

I have the AMDCompress_2.0.2204.msi suite.


Once downloaded, I copied the AMDCompress\CLI folder to another location out of Program Files so I could run the example batch script.

Once I verified it would run successfully, I added to the end of example.bat, a command to load an uncompressed MIP Mapped DDS file and convert it to a BC6H file.

REM Example  3d: uncompressed MIP Mapped DDS to compressed DDS (BC6H)
AMDCompressCLI -fd BC6H .\results\  .\results\

The resulting file is a 128 byte DDS file that appears to be invalid (only contains the header).
Is this a supported scenario using AMDCompressCLI?



The most recent version of this library was released in May of 2015. We're moving to VS 2015, it'd be great if an update to this library was released for VS 2015.

Leo Violette