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    League of legends overheating cpu




      Since a while ( about 2-3 month ago ), my computer started to randomly shutdown when i was playing League of Legends. At the start, i tought it was the dust so i blowed the inside once. After that, it keep shutting down more frequently but not always. I tried to solve the problem by looking at the event viewers but none of them was the problem. Since nothing workd and the problem got bigger ( it shutdown after 7-10 min in game ). So, i contacted Riot Support who sent me to MSI support, who send me there.

      Finaly, i may pointed the problem out ; my cpu. For some reasons, the temperature rise alot until it hit the max temp that it can handle. Oh and, i can play others games. Like Battlefront, Diablo 3, Fallout 4 and others without any problem. Checked the temperature of everygame and only League of Legends seems to have a problem with it. Others things i noticed, its my fan are turning alot while playing anything but LoL. And i don't have graphical issues ; i can run the game at the lowest quality and maximum quality without troubleshooting and it dosent change the time it take to shutdown my computer.


      So, there i am. I epuised all the trick i know and run out of patience. I'm probably going to buy a new cpu next week to replace it but i'd like to see if anyone could have a solution to fix and save my 200€


      Windows 8.1 64 bits

      MSI Radeon R9 290 2GB

      FX-6350 Black Edition 3.9 GHZ

      Corsair CX600

      Don't remember motherboard but compatible with everything.

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          What CPU core temp are you seeing when the CPU is under heavy load and ready to shut down? You need to use an applet that properly reads the FX CPU core temp as many applets read the CPU socket temp instead of the CPU core temp. Programs like "Core Temp" tend to be pretty good at reading AMD processor temps. There are also other software applets that can properly read the FX CPUs too. Have you checked to make sure the thermal material between the CPU and heatsink fan is good and the HSF is properly mounted? Have you checked your PSU 12v rail power to the mobo under heavy gaming to make sure it is remaining at or above 12v? It's also worth un-cabling and re-attaching all of the cables just to make sure that you have solid electrical connections.


          FWIW, different games impose different CPU and GPU processor loads. That might account for different thermal loads on the CPU.