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    FPS going down


      Hi everyone ,I am using AMD 7670M VGA on my Samsung np350v5c notebook.When I play CS GO  i get 100-150 fps and it is quite a good fps to play.But the thing is after 5 minutes it is going down slowly to 60,then 50 or someting.But when i minimize nad maximize the game(when I press TAB+Alt and re-open  the game) it is going to 100-150 again and probably after 5 minutes it is going down to 60 and below.So im forced to minimize the game and re-open it in every 5 minutes.Is there a solution to fix this? Help me please

      Note : It happens in every game.for GTA V it is going down from 30 to 18 and so on.

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          Do you have the computer power plan set to 'high performance' (not balanced). You might run GPU-Z in the background while your playing and check the Highest temperature your graphics reached. Have you cleaned your laptops vents, etc. with air lately?

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            Thanks for your reply. Yes i have set all of my settings to high

            performance. Gpu-Z shows 70-80 C when i play.Outside of game it is 60 C.Is

            not it normal? It's been a long time i haven't clean up  air vents and

            cooler fan