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FPS going down

Question asked by ramiz964 on Jan 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2016 by ramiz964

Hi everyone ,I am using AMD 7670M VGA on my Samsung np350v5c notebook.When I play CS GO  i get 100-150 fps and it is quite a good fps to play.But the thing is after 5 minutes it is going down slowly to 60,then 50 or someting.But when i minimize nad maximize the game(when I press TAB+Alt and re-open  the game) it is going to 100-150 again and probably after 5 minutes it is going down to 60 and below.So im forced to minimize the game and re-open it in every 5 minutes.Is there a solution to fix this? Help me please

Note : It happens in every game.for GTA V it is going down from 30 to 18 and so on.