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    Cannot put monitor to sleep (R380X) 15.12


      Hey all,


      Recently purchased a R380x, switched over from the green team.  When I set a time for my monitor to turn off, it will go off for a quick second, then I hear the "Windows recognizes new hardware has been connected chime" and the monitor will turn back on.  I used Display Driver Uninstaller to completely wipe my AMD drivers (and I previously did the same with my Nvidia drivers from the previous 560 TI) to make sure it was a driver issue.  Sure enough, the monitor stays off without the Crimson drivers uninstalled.  This happens on both 15.12 and 16.1.  I've tried screwing with plenty of power settings and various driver settings to try and figure this out, but my personal troubleshooting seems to be a standstill, with Google not having a solution.


      If anyone has had a similar issue, or might know how to fix this...it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.



      Windows 10

      2500k OC'd to 4.2

      R380x on 15.12 (16.1 also tested)

      Monitor HP 2709m