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MSI R9 390 Low MHz in in some games and los fps

Question asked by estebanr on Jan 26, 2016

i have r9 390



In some games I have only 300 MHz-600 MHz and few FPS, but I BF4 1060MHz and good FPS using MSI AfterBurner.



Using AfterBurner MSi I have 300MHz-600MHz

But MSI Gaming APP 1060 MHz I have good, always in 1060MHz never changes.



As always do this stable Afterburner MSI's OC MHz??, currently is never stable, is set 1126MHz, but 300MHz-600MHz game and have few PFS



But the MSI Gaming APP MHz are always stable and high



As I can do to make this stable at 1126MHz with MSI AfterBurner?



MSI Gaming app



MSi AfterBurner




I have FX 8320 and 8GB Ram 1600

I have the last driver.