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    Unable to install AMD display driver due to Black screen


      I own a r9 270x and while i was playing dota 2 my AMD driver 15.11.1 beta crimson crashed while freezing my system on windows 10 pro x64 bit , i rebooted the system and greeted with a black screen without any cursor or anything else just after the windows boot screen the system just freezes and i am unable to perform another task since there is only black screen. I rebooted my system in safe mode and quickly removed the AMD driver using DDU which at least gave me a display with default Microsoft display adapter , but now whenever i try to install any of the AMD driver i get a black screen during the installation and the system freezes , i am always left with a option to reboot my system in safe mode in order remove the driver using DDU . I have been gaming with this GPU since 3 years and all drivers were working fine with good performance at all these Operating systems previously but since this issue i am unable to use my GPU due to this black screen which freezes and crashes my windows Things which i have tried are :

      1. Restoring my windows to previous restore point ( still got black screen after boot )

      2. Trying different previous and newer versions of AMD drivers including ( 15.12 crimson, 15.7.1, 15.8 beta , 14.12 , 13.9 , 15.11) still got black screen while installation of driver

      3. Switching my windows to windows 7 x64 , windows 8.1 pro x64, windows 10 x64 , windows 10 x32 bit ( still got black screen while the installation of AMD driver )

      Right now my system specifications  is

      Intel 4th generation 4570 Core i5 3.2 GHz

      Intel DB85FL motherboard

      8 gb RAM Crosair VS650 650 watt


      Please give me a solution Thank you