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    PC Keeps Shutting Down. GPU, or CPU problem?


      I've had my PC since about 2011. It didn't happen to much at first, but my PC eventually began to shut off on me out of no where. It was very infrequent in the beginning and eventually went away all together for a while, randomly popping it's head in very briefly every now and than. It really depended on the game I was playing. However, for the past few weeks, it's been doing it at least twice every day.


      I checked up online about the possibilities and I'm thinking it's my CPU temperatures, but I'm not 100% sure. My graphics card drivers are up to date and I haven't seen any indication that it could be my Motherboard, or anything else. I've downloaded Core Temp, and recently downloaded CAM by NXZT to view the statistics of my CPU and GPU. Right now, with just CAM and this page open, my CPU temp is roughly 45c, with 4% Load, while my GPU is 45c and 0% Load. Cutting to the chase, when I do my basic daily activities, whether it be browsing the web and having a couple tabs open and music playing, or just playing a video game of any kind (mainly The Elder Scolls Online, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, and League of Legends), my CPU Temp is always 80c while my GPU is around 60c.


      I've read up on my CPU and apparently CPU's in general should be around 45c. Going above 60c is pretty much a no-go. CPU's have a TJ Max that when they hit a certain temperature, they begin to throttle and just shut down to prevent damage. I'd like to say that since my CPU is literally always at 80c every day, it just constantly hits its TJ Max and shuts off, but I wanna be certain.


      I only have 2 fans in my PC. One fan at the top vent of the PC (literally just one, not the usual two 120m at the top vent, or whatever the size it), and another fan over my CPU. I think the heat is the issue and I plan on buying a Liquid Cooling system to place over my CPU in hopes that it'll bring it down. I might buy another fan to put at the top vent to compliment the other as well. I just want to make sure that the CPU temperature is the likely problem before investing good money for a possible solution, because a part of me also slightly believes that it could be a GPU problem as well. I say this because when I've tried playing older games like Timeshift and Dark Sector, my PC seems to shut off much quicker on me, yet playing higher demanding games, it can last hours at time before shutting off. Maybe it's a BIOS thing? I don't know anything about BIOS's though, so I can't say.


      It's just odd that my CPU will be stuck at 80c, and randomly shut off on me out of no where. If 80c is the TJ Max, shouldn't it shut off from doing basic activities since it always shoots up to 80c when doing such? If that's not the TJ Max, than why is it shutting down in the first place if it never goes over 80c? And why does it seem to shut off faster when I play older games that are less demanding? Sheer coincidence/bad luck? Is there a way to change my CPU's TJ Max so it stops shutting off on me? It doesn't go over 80c, that's where it stops, oddly enough, so it's not going to fry itself anymore than it already is.


      My Rig:


      16GB DDR3 2133Mhz RAM

      AMD FX-8350 CPU

      AMD Radeon HD 7970 GPU

      800w (or 850w) Power Supply

      Mid-Tower Phantom Chasis

      Can't remember the Motherboard. Sorry :/

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          What is your PSU make and model? When was the last time you cleaned the dust from your case?

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            Just opened my Chasis to see the goodies. The PSU is a Dynamo ANNA 850w. Also, I'm looking at the Motherboard right now in case that might help and it's a Gigabyte (SATA3, HT3.0, AM3+, etc.) brand. The last time I cleaned it was about a month ago. It was a pretty darn thorough one too. However, this was also the first time I've ever cleaned it in the years I've owned it. Safe to say there was dust everywhere, and when I removed the fan from the CPU, the Thermal Paste was pretty much a caramel brown chalk at that point. The insides are looking pretty good now though, still. No signs of any build ups like last time.


            PSU makes sense as well. I thought about that a few weeks ago and started to mess around with my GPU settings in the AMD Radeon Settings App. I put the fan to 100% on my GPU in the event that maybe it was my GPU that was overheating and not my CPU. Problem still occurred. I messed around with the Power Control and Memory/GPU Clock speeds as well, thinking that maybe if I lower those, it'll draw less power/heat. I'm guilty of attempting to Overclock as well during this process, by the way, haha. Safe to say these didn't work well either because now my games would crash. I read that when you put your GPU at certain speeds, you also have to play around with the Power as well because to much, or to little power could cause problems and such. I don't know anything about that so I stopped and reset everything back to default settings.


            A little while back, I also went into my computer settings to change the number of Cores active on my CPU. I turned it down to only 4 active instead of 8. That actually seemed like it worked for a little while but the problem can up out of no where some time after, so I just put it back to all 8 running again since it was happening anyways. My CPU's Clock speeds have never been messed around with though.


            I plan on doing some upgrades soon. Mainly a new cooling system since that's the only bet I got. I'm not sure if it's my GPU either, but I'm debating getting a Fury X as well, so if it's my GPU, hopefully the problem will be solved replacing it. I would just like some outside opinions on what the potential problem could be so I can identify where my priorities should be in what to replace before I go a head and start buying random stuff under sun.

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                a bad PSU could cause the computer to turn off. But if your CPU is getting 80 celsius that will cause the computer to shut off so as not to destroy your CPU.  Need to check your thermal paste and be sure your CPU fan is working properly. Not running slowly or intermittently. 80 celsius is beyond the Max Temperature for a AMD 8 Core CPU. When your CPU is running 80 C Check the inside of your case and take a look at your CPU fan. I am not sure, but I don't believe your GPU can cause your computer to shut down. You will probably just lose your Video on your monitor. Most new upper end Video cards have fans on them. So you can check to see if your fan is working. Plus clean all the dust from the copper fins on the video card. A bad motherboard can also cause the computer to shut down intermittently. But generally you will have a lot of weird problems occurring with a bad motherboard.  There is a program called OCCT that tests the GPU and CPU by stressing it. It gives you a graph plus the data of voltages, temperatures, and other data that may be able to pinpoint your problem. If your computer shuts down every time your run a CPU stress test using OCCT, than you can troubleshoot everything that cools the CPU. Plus checked the PSU power data as the test is running. It shows that also.

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                  What TIM did you use when you replaced the heatsink? And yes it can easily be a PSU issue given that you have an off brand.

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                    CPU-Z will give you make/model of mobo.

                    An intake cooling fan(or two) is a must(imo).


                    Re psu, is that brand AZZA, is this the volts,etc...,label :-


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                    I downloaded OCCT and CPU-Z. I ran my CPU and GPU through some stress tests and my PC didn't shut off on me. I ran the PSU stress test as well and surprisingly, nothing happened for that either. Perhaps just good luck, or I didn't do it long enough? Maybe it's something different altogether. I can put them through another run through and send results here to see if anyone sees any errors that I might've missed, if necessary.


                    Also, for those who asked, this is my current power supply, AZZA Dynamo 850W. The main reason I got it was, yes, it has blue LED. I have a blue LED light strip in my PC as well, and the top vent fan also has a blue LED built into it. I was able to find what my Motherboard was as well from the CPU-Z App and it's a Gigabyte 970A-UD3. I'm probably going to order a cooling system sometime later today, or tomorrow, as well. Whether it's truly the problem, or not, 80c doesn't seem very good for any CPU to be at from what I'm hearing and seeing.

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                      Update: Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's my CPU now, at this point. So I was playing ESO once again and my PC shut off on me mid dungeon. I rebooted my PC back up and did what elstaci said and looked inside my PC while the CPU was running at 80c to make sure the fan was working and so on. Well, I decided to check everything out, such as light tugging on some wires and so on to see if any were loose and if the PC would shut off from it. Everything was tight and in tact. So, final check? The CPU. I decided to take my fan off my CPU. PC shuts off. Huh. Removed the whole fan and touched the CPU to see how hot it was. My finger literally got burned like I touched a heating stove. I seriously had no idea that CPU's could get that hot. So, I decided to boot the PC back up, but this time, without any fan. PC shut off within 5 seconds of having no fan. Placed fan back on the CPU, started it up, PC is running fine again.


                      Conclusion: My CPU is literally on the border of shutting off at any second, but this little fan I have is barely keeping it alive. I ordered myself a Corsair H110i GTX Liquid Cooling system and some AS5 Thermal Paste. Should be here between Feb. 2nd - Feb. 5th. Hoping they'll work some magic and keep it nice and cool.

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                        It's Radeon, I just bought a computer about 2months ago and it worked perfectly fine, then i got a message from amd about radeon so i upgraded to that and ever since, yeah my games run faster and what not, but now my computer shuts down while streaming netflix or playing my steam games, i took the computer back to best buy and the man told me 30 people came in with the exact same problem, radeon is good, but it's most likely whats causing the shut downs.

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                          Try this thread.. Solved the issue for me.I spent months looking for the solution.