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Graphic card issue with crimson driver

Question asked by lsakthi91 on Jan 26, 2016


                Find my rig specs here: Processor: AMD Phenom ii 1055T, Ram: Transcend 8GB ddr3 1333MHz, MB: MSI 970A-G43, Graphic Card: XFX-HD 7850. Running Windows 10x64.

My computer was running very smooth untill It had catalyst 15.7.1, few weeks back I saw a driver in AMD support portal version 15.11, I downloaded and installed it on my rig after reboot, my monitor went white with yellow stripe, I made hard reset. Then it booted successfully but whenever I play any game for about 5 to 10 min my computer getting freeze with gray color or white with stripes, this happened many times even with small games like “plants VS zombies”, “tomb raider anniversary”. Recently I found a new driver in your portal ver. 15.12. Yesterday Before installing this I performed windows 10 x64 clean installation then installed new driver. I thought it will solve my problem but it didn`t. even while playing video this happened again and my computer went down by itself. Now I’m able to see red stripe in BIOS but windows never boots up prompting blue screen immediately getting reboot by itself. find attached snap.

I`m damn sure my graphic card gone bad because of your crimson drivers. I had been sticking with AMD for long time this never happened before but now. I need proper justification on this.





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