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I have a blackscreen and cant fix it

Question asked by thebullshit on Jan 26, 2016
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i was getting trough the settings of the graphic card driver and activated the option "GPU scaling", then my monitor went black and the message popped up that there is no signal.

So i restarted and the windows logo was showing and i was thinking nice its fixed, but i wouldnt write here if it was fixed so what happened was that the monitor went black again.

I was a little mad and connected the onboard card and disconnected the GC (R9 380) and restarted and i had a normal screen again but i couldnt go in  the drver options of the GC because i disconnected it.

So i deinstalled the drivers as good as i could and resarted again but it was a blackscreen again so i restarted with my onboard card again and installed manually the latest driver and restarted again but another ******* blackscreen. So now i am here searching for answers and hoping to one fast.

Thank you upfront.