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bios turbo core ratio

Question asked by jediyl on Jan 25, 2016
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Working with an FX-8350 in an Asus M5A99FX mobo. I've decided to go with stock settings, so not much OC'ing. But the system does respond well to boost from TurboCore technology. Only thing is that setting the number of boosted cores in AMD OverDrive's Turbo Core Control does not seem to change the number of boosted cores. Probably has to be changed in the Asus mobo : there is a setting there : Turbo CORE Ratio. Unfortunately my googling has come up empty.

From what I've learned from Wikipedia and other sources about AMD Turbo Core :

Turbo Core technology adds up to 500 MHz of additional clock speed when all cores are active but the current workload is such that the TDP (CPU's maximum wattage tolerance) is not exceeded if the boost is performed. All cores can boost at the same time.


Because fewer active cores require less power and generate less heat, even higher boost states become available when each processor module contains at least one inactive core (half or more of the cores are inactive.) Here too, the boost will only occur if doing so does not exceed the TDP for the CPU.


These 2 P-states (processor performance states), P1 and P0, respectively, are configurable through the AMD OverDrive utility. Each state has its own custom CPU multiplier and voltage settings. These may be modified via the Turbo Core Control panel. When the above conditions are met, the boosts are triggered!


The Turbo Core Control also includes a drop down list labeled as Number Of Boosted Cores : but this seems to do nothing!

Limiting the number of cores that are boosted by Turbo Core could be the right strategy for a system builder that warranties their build!


Does anyone know how to do this?

Additionally : the BIOS setting : Turbo Core Ratio ... does anyone know how to invoke it?


Help appreciated.



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