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    DX12 CheckFeatureSupport throws Access Violation




      I'm running Windows 10 64-bit with Visual Studio Community 2015 with Crimson 15.12 and I'm trying to play with DirectX 12 development.


      I fired up VS and opened the DirectX 12 Universal App sample that ships with the IDE. Inside the bool Sample3DSceneRenderer::Render() method I added the following lines:


      D3D12_FEATURE_DATA_FEATURE_LEVELS feature_level_data;


      auto hresult = m_deviceResources->GetD3DDevice()->CheckFeatureSupport(D3D12_FEATURE_FEATURE_LEVELS, &feature_level_data, sizeof(feature_level_data));


      if (hresult != S_OK)

        throw std::exception("Wrong Feautre Level query!");



      however the application throws Access Violation inside CheckFeatureSupport. DX12 is scarcely documented, but I found other hints in both the DX11 docs and other samples that this might be the way to query the feature level support of the rendering device. Could I get some help how to do this properly?