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I do not like AMD AT ALL!!

Question asked by redphive on Jan 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2016 by rwgtroll

OK I am not happy with AMD at all, and am wishing now I was able to switch to Nvidia!!!! Now... I have a great very fast new computer

I updated my drivers but every time I do, AMD Gaming Evolved tells me they are not updated. I feel like I am "evolving" into a monkey for PETE sake!  I went to crimson twice restarted and it stills says drivers need to be updated, this is driving me  mad. But wait it gets better! This is not even why I went on this forsaken website. The reason I created an account here was to find out why on earth whenever go to the ADM catalyst control center and force SET all games to have NO Vsync.. it will not take effect on AMY games! The only way a game can have no vsync is if the option is in the game or I am able to edit the game settings files on the computer (which is hard and does not always work) What is wrong with ADM? Is it run by a bunch of incompetent fools?? Why do the settings not override like they should???? Also I found some idiot who posted this thread, he wanted to find out actually how to turn Vsync ON, what an idiot (and please do not ask my why I want it OFF always on all games) It is none of yo business why, shut up and just answer the question!!! But look at this link Forced VSYNC - still not fixed !!!!


Why does he have a program called AMD Program Settings? And I have a program that does called AMD Catalyst Control Converter.