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glDrawArrays random crash only happening on AMD

Question asked by therealnox on Jan 25, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2016 by dwitczak

I've just realised that my application is crashing on a AMD GPU.

I have been investigating and the only thing that I am sure of is that this only happens on AMD GPU and always on the same function: glDrawArrays.


I am on Windows 10 (1510) x64, using a R9 380.
I am developing under Visual Studio 2013, with an openGL Core Profile 4.0 (used through Qt 5.5.1 wrapper).

My openGL using VAO/VBO, FBO and RBO for offscreen rendering and subroutines if that helps.


I have check using gDEBugger but nothing showed up on the output, even with the openGL Debug Logger...


The exception is coming from atio6axx.dll.


From there, I can only tell it's either a driver issue (very unlikely) or it's a openGL state issue. I am already aware that NVidia implementation of openGL is more permissive but still, that shouldn't crash like that.

Maybe it's my VAO/VBO setup that is problematic but I can't seems to find anything.


I've already been through the full "Common mistakes" wiki page from openGL but no success...


Thanks guys!