crimson drivers make all games unstable

Discussion created by marcurios on Jan 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2016 by warsun

Installed both versions of the Crimson drivers for my R9 290x card, both versions are riddled with bugs.

Almost every game i play CTD's after a while, when playing, i get all kinds of graphical glitches, messed up UI's,

shaders don't show correct in-game, problems with alpha drawing etc..etc..


When i revert back to the old Catalyst beta drivers 15.11, everything is fine.

Crimson drivers are a real mess.


Is there any ETA on properly functioning Crimson drivers ?

I have to admit, this has been going on for years with AMD, a lot of new driver releases break functionality, and it often takes more then half a year for them to solve the problems.

If i had realized this when i bought my latest card, i would gladly have payed a little bit more for a NVidia card, cause they have a very good reputation with coding drivers.

AMD has not, it seems to me that they are in dire need of capable driver programmers.


I wish i could get a refund because of this, but i suspect bad drivers is not a reason for the vendor to take the card back.