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    crimson drivers make all games unstable


      Installed both versions of the Crimson drivers for my R9 290x card, both versions are riddled with bugs.

      Almost every game i play CTD's after a while, when playing, i get all kinds of graphical glitches, messed up UI's,

      shaders don't show correct in-game, problems with alpha drawing etc..etc..


      When i revert back to the old Catalyst beta drivers 15.11, everything is fine.

      Crimson drivers are a real mess.


      Is there any ETA on properly functioning Crimson drivers ?

      I have to admit, this has been going on for years with AMD, a lot of new driver releases break functionality, and it often takes more then half a year for them to solve the problems.

      If i had realized this when i bought my latest card, i would gladly have payed a little bit more for a NVidia card, cause they have a very good reputation with coding drivers.

      AMD has not, it seems to me that they are in dire need of capable driver programmers.


      I wish i could get a refund because of this, but i suspect bad drivers is not a reason for the vendor to take the card back.

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          New Crimson software, still crashing my games, and the profile manager keeps crashing too.

          Recently bought a new PC with I5 CPU, installed Windows 7 Ultimate fresh, installed Crimson 16.3, crashfest has begun again.


          Put back my old 15.11.1 drivers, everything is working fine again.


          Again i have to ask, when do you expect tahat we can have properly functioning Crimson software AMD ?


          I have to admit, switching my CPU from AMD to Intel was the best choice i could make for my PC,

          I uess i'm going to have to buy NVidia from now on for my GPU, cause they don't make crappy drivers.


          Very dissatisfied customer here.

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              I feel your pain.


              Maybe try installing Radeonpro mod drivers.


              It may help.


              Mad Marmot Ep 2 - Radeon Pro Post Processing Config - YouTube

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                  Radeon Pro is no longer being developed, actually the guy that made Radeon Pro is the on that is currently programming the Crimson shell if i'm not mistaken.

                  I don't think he's a active driver developer, but like i said the shell is also crashing, much like the drivers themselves.


                  And back when i used Radeon Pro, i also had frequent crashes with that software, and as far as i know there are no Radeon Pro mod drivers, i never seen any Radeon Pro modded drivers on GURU3D.


                  But i never used modded drivers anymore, did that years ago and they never worked like intended.
                  AMD's own drivers have been often broken, but sometimes they made drivers that where reliable, it's always been like that, i just back up the ones that work, usually one of every 5 drivers.


                  But i already contacted the store where i bought the card to see if they will take him back and replace it for a NVidia card, since this card was relatively new, i recently switched my 7790HD for this one, keeping my fingers crossed that they will swap the card out for a NVidia card, and from now on i will never buy AMD again.


                  That is, once i read in the reviews that they're shaping up, i might give it another try in the future, for instance, if they decide to put a FPU on every core in CPU's,

                  and if the GPU's drivers get better, otherwise, no more AMD for me.

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                new drivers are still a mess  16.3.2 WHQL .

                When is AMD going to release properly working drivers ?


                What are you guys doing over there ?

                It seems like somebody needs to go back to school to learn how to program properly.

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                    Not sure where your problem is but my fx 6350 and r9 290x have no issues in any of my games, and I've allowed the system to install all the latest drivers these last couple months. But then again I'm on win10pro.

                    You never did list all your hardware specs which is expected when posting nor did you list any game examples.

                    Good luck on your switch to NV.

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                    This post is stupid, ether post your problem with your specs and all that, or move on.

                    I have seen my issues resolved with each update.

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                        I don't know, but the fact that the old drivers are working correct with not a single problem whatsoever, and the new crimson drivers keep giving me trouble, iteration after iteration, should say enough.


                        Since there are thousands of different hardware and software combinations i don't think that giving my exact specs on a forum is going to help anyone, let alone give the programmers the information they need.


                        for what it's worth, i filed detailed bug reports repeatedly with AMD itself, so the tech guys have all the info they need.

                        And i don't think that a forum user like you could help out in this regard, so you should actually move on imo.


                        You should count yourself lucky that you have no problems.

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                        To the original poster.


                        YAH THINK?!


                        We have been going though this all month.Mind you the performance is great.But year.it`s crashing our systems.15.12 is not good either.Had to go all the way back to 15.7.

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                            correct, i have problems with everything after 15.11

                            glad to know i'm not the only one.


                            I did install the latest version today, and so far it seems to behave, so the problems might finally be solved for a while.

                            been playing multiple games to test the new drivers out, and had no crash so far.


                            keeping my fingers crossed that it will hold up.

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                            If you install crimson,, YOU are the product..


                            I'm afraid crimson wont be stable till at least another year.


                            Its a shame I know.

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