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Clean Install not removing profiles, possibly more

Question asked by carr on Jan 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2016 by kingfish

I have been playing around with the new Crimson drivers trying to get a nice stable setup for multiple game profiles, some using Eyefinity others not as well as retaining the choice to overclock for some games either using Overdrive, Afterburner or GPU Tweak. I have been searching high and low for weeks but have not been able to find anything to help.



Intel 4770k

Asus Sabertooth Mark 2 Z97 with 1 monitor running off onboard

Asus R9 270X DC2T running 3 monitors

Windows 7 with SP 1 (tried with and without all the other windows updates without difference)


Drivers I have tried - CCC 15.7.1 and Crimson 15.11, 15.11.1b, 15.12 and 16.1


The problem - Firstly the new interface on all Crimson versions doesn't allow easy switching between Eyefinity and extended desktops, having to go into the Additional Settings on the Display tab every time is a complete PITA, the Eyefinity tab only allows you to disregard it and having to make a configuration each time. Yes I know you can do a game profile and tell it you want to use Eyefinity, but it won't work if there isn't a configuration already in place. I don't understand why this is the case, unless I am missing something.


Secondly, now this has been discussed many times about the Overdrive settings resetting and people just say to change it and it will be ok until restart.  This is not my problem, I have only once been able to get a setting to stick yet after closing and reopening the tool, the setting was back to the old one (assuming it didn't reset when hitting apply). I have had multiple problems regarding the overclocking including:

All versions above - all sliders on Overdrive automatically resetting to previous setting within 1 second, sometimes without hitting apply.

15.11/11.1/12 - Overdrive's memory clock range changing so the minimum is the last setting applied.

16.1 - Got an overclock to work in Overdrive but after restarting I was unable to change it at all.

15.12 - Not able to change any overclock settings with either Afterburner or GPU Tweak (individually installed and not at the same time) despite not even accepting the Overdrive warning message.

All Crimson - Game profiles and Overdrive setting being retained after doing multiple "Clean Installs" as per the link provided in many previous posts on here, also using DDU and manually stripping registry for relevant AMD/ATI entries I could find.

15.12 - Having clock speed set at 1200mhz in Overdrive and it working, yet when in a game Overdrive and Afterburner or GPU-Z all reporting clock speed of 1000mhz (default 1120mhz), this was random and not able to replicate.


Some specifics of what I tried:

- I did a complete Windows re-install and installed CCC 15.7.1 and the Overdrive sliders would all reset within a second of applying.

- I did another complete Windows re-install and installed Crimson 16.1 and got the Overdrive overclock to work but couldn't change it after 1 restart.

- I did a full uninstall of 16.1 and clean install of 15.12 and now haven't accepted agreement on overdrive and can't change any clocks with Afterburner or GPU Tweak, I have kept with this setup as I currently have the ability to tune the cards fan speed with Asus Ai Suite.


If anyone is able to explain to me how a clean install of the drivers doesn't remove customized game profiles including their custom Overdrive settings?  Could this not be part of the core problem of not being able to adjust Overdrive settings?  If these settings are being stored somewhere then it could be assumed that other key data from the previous version of the driver is too.


Has anyone found a tried and tested way to get a working overclock with these drivers without firmware flashing?


Can anyone fault my methods and see something that I am doing to contribute to this problem?  I am not a computer rookie by any means but I wouldn't call myself a Pro either, drivers are not my strongest area.