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Radeon Settings reverts to defaults after each restart

Question asked by ferni55 on Jan 25, 2016
Latest reply on May 7, 2016 by ferni55

Bugs bugs bugs. Enough!


-Radeon Settings for individual games reverts to defaults after each restart.

-If I set a game to run at manual fan control ex. %70, after exiting game, Global Settings' manual fan control becomes %70 which was Auto for itself !

-Did a clean uninstall using AMD's uninstaller and after reinstalling complete driver, Radeon Settings in Context Menu is disappeared.

-Shader Cache is not working.

-My steam, uplay, origin installation is on C: drive, but game files are at D: drive, so Radeon Settings are not linking them automatically which provides usage of custom settings. So I have to manually link them from browsing D: drive.

-Can't add custom resolution. Also now Old CCC is not loading.

-Started to lose my AMD fancy, doubts for my next GPU purchase!


PS: Don't tell provide link to me to submit bugs, you already got them.