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    Display Driver Stopped Responding and Has Recovered when playing EVE Online


      Windows 10 64bit

      MSI R9 390X

      AMD 8350

      Corsair AX860i

      Triple 24" Monitors


      I am not totally sure when this issue first started but some time around the beginning of December I started to see "Display Driver Stopped Responding and Has Recovered" when playing EVE Online and only when in combat.


      I have carried out a number of test and updates none have resolved the issue.


      I have ran multiple bench marking test with the following without any issues at all...


      Prime 95






      I have ran a number of games in hi/max settings without any issues and have removed EVE and cleaned out the store folders and completed a fresh install but none of this has resolved my issue.


      I have reported the issue to CCP - EVE support who have said they have had a large number of issues since the Crimson driver release


      I have had 9 years of almost trouble free EVE gaming running multiple game clients at the same time so this is quite frustrating to have this issue at the moment.


      Can you please tell me if there is anything I need to do that can help resolve this issue.

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          You can try to raise the Power Limit by +20 through Overdrive via CNEXT.


          I suspect it's an issue with ULPS or some other (power saving?) conflict.



          But my suggestion would be to - clean off the Crimson 16.1 set with display driver uninstaller (I assume your using those)



          Reverting to:

          • Catalyst 15.7.1



          • Catalyst 15.11.1




          I've had the randomly occurring black screen/display driver crash occur in quite a few different games; across Win8.1 & Win10; as have others posting here.


          As the card doesn't crash with previous drivers and nothing else has changed - I can only place the blame on Crimson.


          Some of the games aren't particularly taxing - it's as though the card is being shut off despite being in use.



          I don't know what's gone wrong with the stability of the latest drivers i.e. 20% fan bug, etc - that one should've been caught before release.


          I'm hoping for really solid, thoroughly tested driver set containing all the previous fixes to be released in the near future - if we have to wait a month or more to see it - so be it.


          Nothing but problems since the introduction of Crimson 15.11.

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            have the same Problem. I got the answer of a EVE GM, this is a problem with the "GPU Particles" in the AMD Crimson Drivers. It seems there have to be fixed something in the AMD driver and EVE is a small niche and got no huge support of AMD.


            However - the workaround for the issue is (if you want to keep the AMD card):

            - turn off the GPU Particles Option (and have no missile trails and other graphic features anymore - don't see all the graphic things)

            - install the latest pre "Crimson Driver" from AMD and do NEVER install the AMD Crimson Drivers again.

            - don't play EVE anymore


            I am also very frustrated, about this issue with my new card, just bought a AMD Radeon 390, instead of a GTX980. ... seems it was the wrong decision for me, if I see the trail of users, which have the same problem in EVE with the Crimson Drivers installed.





            BTW: It still occurs with the last Crimson installation of 16.2.1. Nothing is fixed.