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Problems installing Crimson 15.12 Drivers

Question asked by kinghq1 on Jan 25, 2016
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In the interest of Full Disclosure, I am not a fan of Radeon, haven't been for about 15 years.  Nvidia is my card and EVGA is my Manufacturer, always has been and probably always will be.  And given the issues I'm having supports that even more.


My GTI 780ti went out yesterday and I was forced to go to Best Buy and purchase another card.  Unfortunately the only cards they had in stock were AMD Radeon, the EVGA were all sold out.  I have used AMD CPU's exclusively since Intel tried to force RAMBUS down our throats back in 2000 so I was excited to see that AMD had purchased ATI and started producing GPU's.  SO I thought WTH I've wanted to try AMD GPU's for awhile so I got the R9-390x.


Got home, plopped it in without any issues, powered on and I had a desktop, something I hadn't had for last 20 hours and being an intense online gamer on my day off, well you all know what I mean.


SO I downloaded the 15.12 drivers and went to install.  Started to install the Install Manager and stopped at 2%.  Having worked with Computers for the last 20 years, I knew what this meant so I pulled up my iPhone and was playing solitaire.  Well, after the first game it was still doing the Install Manager and was at 2%.  I looked at my HDD light on my puter, nothing.  hmmm, ok I clicked back on the installer and it frosted over and game the option of Closing the Program or waiting for it to respond.  Well, having used PC's from Dr. Dos, I new what this meant, but seeing that I hadn't installed another Vendor's card for almost 15 years, I decided to wait.  I mentally went through my check list: Uninstalled the Nvidia software/driver first, check; rebooted my PC after the uninstall, check so I was trying to think why it hadn't work.  Booted into Safe Mode after 3 more failed install attempts and tried there, Installer does not allow for install in safe mode, no biggy some software packages don't.  Alrighty then, off to the Forums.


Saw on another post to download and run DDU.  Read up about it, nifty little program, so I downloaded and installed.  Rebooted into Safemode when it asked.  Showed me 3 options:  AMD, Nvidia and Intel.  SO I ran it against all 3, choosing not to restart.  Then I rebooted and tried it again.  Same thing.  Ok, let me see what happens when I chose 1 option at a time.  Tried the Install Manager first, said that it was installed successfully.  Alright, moving in the right direction.  SO next I chose the Drive by itself.  For some reason it wanted to install the Install Manager again, would not allow me to uncheck it, I noticed before I ran the DDU that it showed the Catalyst Software was already installed and it had an X next to it, but with the Install Manager it was greyed out with a Check so I figured WTH and went with the Drive only.  Nope, got to 50%, I saw the window transition and when I clicked on the installer it gave the Close or wait option.  Done this about half a dozen times since I ran the DDU.


SO what do I need to do?  Be patient and wait for EVGA to send me my new GTI 780ti or someone here have some other suggestions?


Thank you.