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FirePro W4100 - W10 keeps dropping resolution after sleep

Question asked by on Jan 25, 2016
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Hi all


I've recently fitted a FirePro W4100 to help with some CAD work in AutoCAD 2016.  All was working well, however after waking from sleep/hibernation (essentially, when monitor powers down when idle) the machine has dropped resolution to 640 by 380 with no option to increase, and no longer recognizes my specific monitor but instead thinks I've connected a non-PnP generic monitor.  I cannot change the resolution, both the AMD tool and the display control panel window only provide a selection of 640 by 380 for resolution.


This does not happen every time the computer sleeps/hibernates, but is occurring perhaps every two to three days.


I've tried uninstalling driver, using Dell executable driver installer, asking machine to search for new hardware and searching for hardware and driver manually, nothing works.  It simply re-finds the 'generic non-PnP' and only allows 640 by 380.


If I restart the machine, the monitor remains blank (not even BIOS messages), and I have to pull the W4100 from the computer and reboot through inbuilt VGA.  If I then power down machine, re-insert the W4100 and restart it all works perfectly.  This procedure is quite a hassle, and is not very good for hardware.


Machine is i5-based running W10 with auto updates, monitor is Dell UltraSharp U2212HM 22" Widescreen LED Monitor connected by a mini DsiplayPort/DisplayPort cable.  The monitor is a few years old, I've taken latest drivers from Dell site but these are only for up to W8.


Any advice on things to try would be much appreciated.