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Question asked by toptek on Jan 25, 2016
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Still no working presets that work like they should were is the hotkey support list or control center like it says here

Applying Presets


When you apply a preset, all settings saved in the preset are automatically applied to your computer. For more information on using presets, see Presets.

There are several ways to apply a preset:
  • Control Center Application Window—Under the Presets group in the navigation pane, click the preset that you want to apply. Alternatively, click Manage Presets; in the Manage Presets dialog box that opens, select the desired preset, and then click Apply.
  • Windows® Start Screen—On the Windows Start screen open app commands and then tap or click All apps. In the Control Center tile group, click the desired preset. Frequently used tiles can be pinned to the Windows Start screen for easier access.
  • Windows Start Menu—Click the Windows Start button followed by the appropriate Control Center option. In the Presets folder, click the desired preset.
  • Windows System Tray (Taskbar Notification Area)—Right-click the Control Center icon in the system tray, click Invoke Presets, and then click the desired preset. You may need to enable the icon before you can access it. For more information, see Enabling/Disabling the System Tray Menu.
  • Control Center Jump List (Windows® 7 and later only)—Right-click the Control Center icon in the Windows taskbar and select the desired preset listed under the Presets group.
  • Hotkeys—If a hotkey has been created for the preset, you can apply the preset by pressing the appropriate keyboard combination. Note that before you can apply a preset using a hotkey, hotkey support must first be enabled. For information, see Hotkeys Manager.






in the help for presets and still no word i see yet for advance or Radeon Additional  setting loading on start up ? .