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Blocky/pixelated dark areas in images and games

Question asked by darksiderpt on Jan 25, 2016
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I am trying to get some support about a problem i'm having, i'm not sure if i had it before, but a few months ago i got a new LED monitor, and since a bit after that, i started seeing some color banding in some games, in shadows, or any kind of colours, but not on all games, but i played those before on my other monitor and didnt noticed that, so i'm not sure if i had it before thanks to the bigger resolution this one now supports, but i start seeing blocky images with the dark areas pixelated, so i sent the monitor to repair thinking it was it's fault, they sent me the same saying it had nothing wrong, meanwhile i used my hd tv with an hdmi cable thinking it could be the vga cable, but although somewhat lower, it could still see the blocky areas, so i tried to replace the gpu with the old one i had that was good, still same problem, i uninstalled all video drivers, leaving the microsoft default ones, same problem, tried the most recent and even the beta crimson drivers, and still persists. People already told me to change the bit color depth to 32-bit true color, i already had that, always did, so my only two options now are that the pci-e slot is having some flaw and producing bad images and pixelated zones on some images (not all) or some software update that i can't seem to find that did that, so if i could have some support i would be grateful.


i'll send here two links of the images that i took with my phone so you can see more or less what i'm refering too.




Bruno Duarte