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Question asked by qckdth on Jan 24, 2016

Hey there,


I've got some problems in the game Alien:Isolation. My old GPU was a AMD Radeon HD 6670. Everything was fine there. I bought the R9 390. For several weeks with the 15.15. driver everything was fine. I switched to win10 and still everything seemed to work.


I deinstalled the game and set it up again about 3 weeks later. During this time I installed the updated win10 beta driver for the AMD GPU.


After this the game inconsistently keeps freezing during loadtimes. Once this happens, I can't shutdown the game via Alt+Tab back in the taskbar; it doesn't react. I can't activate taskmanager to close down the game there. The only possibility is to reboot the pc completely.


Sometimes the game doesn't succumb to this bug during 4 hours of speedrunning. Sometimes it takes about an hour. There are no special loadtransitions where this is happening. For that reason I can't perfectly tell if the game was broken after the win10 installation, or whether it was because of the new win10 r9 300series drivers.


I have tried to update drivers, reinstall the game, change graphics settings, start the game in steam offline and online and so on. Nothing helped so far. When I use the old GPU everything is fine.


I also experienced the game crash completely with artifacts (thin vertical green lines in the intro) one time now. I don't know if this could be connected.


When I'm writing this here right now, letters don't come instantly some times, but a little delayed. idk...


Does anybody have a solution for this?