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windows 10 crossfire enabled but second GPU not working.

Question asked by forever1337 on Jan 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2016 by forever1337

OK so I have done a lot of research and have not found anything like my problem. System specs are I5 4670K, Dual 8GB PC3-12800 Patriot Memory, ASUS Z87 Plus Motherboard, Dual ASUS DCU2 7850's 2GB, EVGA 750W B2 Bronze PSU, PNY 250GB SSD and Windows 10 pro. I have the current crimson drivers installed (yes the 16.1 Hot Fix and the problem was there before too) I noticed while playing Fallout 4 the second GPU was sitting at 0% usage and I have the game maxed out. So I quickly checked to make sure crossfire was enabled, which it was, even GPU Z sees both GPU's and says crossfire is enabled. I then went to see if the problem was happening in other games, it is happening in any game or application I run that you would expect crossfire to work with. I tried running firmark which says it sees both gpu's but only actually lists one. What I see is when I go to play a game or run firmark I see the second GPU spike anywhere's from 26% to 80% and then immediately drop to 0% and sit there. Also when I try to completely remove previous versions of the video card drivers by using the AMD install manager to uninstall everything and install the new one when the computer reboots I get a very distorted picture of lines and bars. I can still see the log in screen but not enough to do anything, its like it is in old 16bit mode or something. I then have to go into safe mode and install the drivers again.