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    Starcraft 2 LOTV not responding


      I've been having issues playing SC2 LOTV since the crimson driver updates - no other game gives me problems.



      Asus 280X-DC2T-3GB VRAM, 1st gen, crossfire x2

      Crimson 15.12 & 15.11


      Windows 10 Pro, 64bit



      Game stops responding at certain points of gameplay, not reproducible at certain points. Crash reports at the bottom. Related to game not being able to flush textures due to D3D9 not responding. Not sure what that means or how to disable it. Before crimson drivers, would crash at Spear of Adun Solar Core page (program locks up, audio is working, but unable to terminate process from task manager or respond on program, alt+tab, etc.  Now it is game wide)



      i7-5930K, at both overclock 4.2GHz @1.2V and stock (doesn't make a difference)

      Asus X99 Deluxe, latest drivers/BIOS

      G.Skill DDR4-16GB RAM @2400MHz C15

      Samsung 850 Pro 256GB SSD

      1TB HDD x3

      Corsair HX1000i


      Stability checks and virus scans done.