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Unable to load Catalyst drivers (Win 7 x64bit) for AMD Radeon 7970 GPU

Question asked by kkraemer on Jan 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2016 by anthony566

Title pretty much says it, buts here's some background info


I had a GTX 750ti and wanted to upgrade, so I got the 7970 (it was a friends and he just gave it to me because he got a Titan). So I tried to download the drivers for that specific model and specs, but right as it gets to 2% the window stops working and closes itself out. I've gotten to 12% before but then the same thing has happened. Do I need to uninstall every driver for every GPU (including integrated intel)? OR what, I'm clueless, I've looked everywhere.


Thank you guys, if you need more info I'll try to get more for you!