there is no name for this kind of rig

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My pieced together hack job in an old Dell tower. Had to pop the rivets mounting the HDD bays to make room for the 280x I have in here now. Leaving my three hard drives sitting loose in the case. One up top in what would be the floppy compartment. And 2 sitting on the bottom on top of each other with anti static bags covering soft Styrofoam as a bumper/cushioning.


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  1. Specifications
CPUFx 6300 6core
MotherboardGygabyte 78LMT-USB3
Memory16GB 2x Kinston Hyper X 4Gb and 2x 4GB Patriot value  Ram DDR3 1866
GraphicsPowercolor R9 280x
Disc Drive 1500GB seagate
Disc Drive 2500GB seagate
Disc Drive 3{drive3}
PSU750w Sentey semi modular
CaseDell inspiron mid tower
Monitor48 in. Philips 1080p Television