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can i create a shortcut to display adaptors properties in windows 10

Question asked by skullkeer on Jan 23, 2016



I am using a amd r390 graphics card and I have it hooked up to a AOC HD Monitor and my 48" Samsung TV.

Monitor connected via Display port, and tv via HDMI

If I want to watch a film VIA the PC, I have cloned the monitor settings, but I have to go into the Adaptor properties and change the Display adaptor properties to change it to 1920 by 1080 True Colour (32 bit) 29Hertz (interlaced)

If I try to use a higher Hertz setting, the TV comes up, Model not supported



then my pc monitor flickers like hell, so once the film has ended, I have to change the properties back to a higher Hertz




I was going to set a short cut to make changing the settings easier and quicker,  ANY OTHER IDEAS?