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Plays.TV and AMD Gaming Evolved app refuse to record steam games with an AMD Fury on any Crimson Drivers - This works fine with the older Catalyst Drivers

Question asked by boingball on Jan 23, 2016

Hi All,


Just wondering if anyone else has the same problem as me.

I purchased an AMD Fury to record my game plays via. AMD Evolved or Plays.TV Client.


However since the release of the Crimson driver set the Plays.TV and the AMD Gaming  Evolved app both fail to access the OpenCL encoder whilst playing a game from steam - it seems to record BF4 sometimes fine.


Using a Radeon 7950 with the same driver sets work OK and doesn't give any errors.


I've reported it to Plays.TV support team -

However they say it's a driver issue - which it does seem to be.


Has anyone else tried this on there Fury / Fury X?


Reverting back to the older Catalyst drivers resolves the issue.


This is a Clean Computer build, Windows 10-64bit (Posted in the Rig Showoff on Red Team forum - Red Vs Blue )