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Graphics breaking up with windwos 10 and dell xps 8300

Question asked by cadman148 on Jan 23, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2016 by tomtalk24

I have an xps 8300 from Dell.  About 3 months ago, I upgraded to the free windows 10.  It worked good for about 3 months, now the display is breaking up, freezing, and I get a funny cursor.  I have to re-boot or pull out the power supply to make it work again.  This comes and goes.  I have a 5770 Graphics card with 1 gig on it, I think it's one gig.  It reports as "ATI 6700 Series". I don't know why it show 6700 series, when a 5770 graphics card is installed.  I have a Dell xps 8300 12 gig with ATI 5770 Graphics card, I had windows 7, not windows 10.  I can't roll back, two old.  Files for windows 7 have been deleted. (WINDOWS.OLD).

Can anyone help me, I have the latest crimson softward downloaded, and I was hoping that would install the correct drivers, but it didn't.  What do I do Now?  How can I check the integrity of the card to make sure it is working correctly.  I downloaded the detect software, and it said I have the latest drivers for this card.  Something is confusing it. Please help.  Thanks