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    AMD R9 380 best driver


      Hello everyone ! I recently bought an R9 380 with 2GB and using the latest driver I have micro stuttering in all games.I installed 15.10 beta and the problems are solved, but I want to know which is the newest driver that works fine.Thanks !

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          The latest driver as of this morning is Crimson 16.1 Hotfix.

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            I have the r9 380 4gb and I find the AMD-Catalyst-15.11.1Beta-64Bit-Win10-Win8.1-Win7-Nov14 to work the best until amd can fix the mini stuttering in game for example gta 5. I also get very good fps for a little bit and then the fps drops into the 20's using 16.1 fix, which I know this card is powerful enough to run gta 5. I don't think amd  is sure how to fix the issues in one driver update. cause the older drivers gave me good to great fps then later updates cause my game to crash and others caused micro stutter. but cant fix all the issues in 1 update to make a perfect driver. my son has a gtx 950 and I can max the video ram to 2140 out of 2048 and can maintain a 65 to 80 fps all the time with no stuttering. im barely using over half the ram of my card I think its 2400 megs of 4000