Is getting a freesync display worth it? If so what one?

Discussion created by donta1979 on Jan 22, 2016
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I am currently running an old Samsung 27" SB750 display with a 2ms response time, only does 1920x1080 so if I want to game over that resolution I have to use VSR. Currently running my PC with a single Fury X. I do a lot of 3d modeling, texturing, work in maya, checking my work, game modding when I have time, and gaming. Is getting a freesync display worth it to make my gaming experience better? If so what are some options that are in the 400-600 range and at a resolution my gpu will really utilize itself without having to turn visual settings I love eye candy. I saw the Acer 27" 1ms response time 144hz, freesync display but the reviews kind of make me shy away from it. So any community or staff help would be great.