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    invalid signiture on crimson 16.1 drivers


      tried to download he latest radion crimsom driver version 16.1 for win7 64 bit but when the download end woindows will not let me install them, reason invalid or currupt signiture plz how can i get round this problem

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          I had the same warning on Windows 10. I chose "Install anyway". Works great.

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              Thank you for your kind help, did as suggested here and let win7 install anyway, and all working great without any problems, once again a big thank you for your help and advice.

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                  no problem bud,


                  Glad this worked out for you, it for me but i did it a little different, most people want a Clean install of VGA driver an would depend of the card. The Toshiba needed all the Hydra-Vision components that were not showing up on top of the problem at hand.


                  How i managed to get the model to keep what was needed was, performed the above solution but only used Express Unistall All AMD Components through Control Panel


                  I see i had a lot of Typo's apologizes.


                  Performing a cold boot shut down is easiest way to get to start up menu :


                  Power-on button + F8/F10 : depending on bios holding F8/F10 until screen appears almost always prevents multi rebooting attempts an less work on the HDD.


                  This solution will work on Win 7/8/8.1/10 ive tested on all 4 OS's


                  Catalyst didnt show the componets correctly on the Toshiba until i figured out that i needed to force upgrade it , Not recommended, Clean install of your VGA is always going the best way IF you can get all the components to install using the latest driver. Toshiba unfortunately didn't provide any customer updates for , say going on 5+years now and its running great.


                  Also have a Dell-Desktop 8 years old Compaq-mobile 6 years old, and my last ever Custom Rig 13 years old, all running 15.7+ Catalyst correctly.

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                Had same warning message appear 2 days , Was looking into a Toshiba that saw fully functional Crimson on Windows-7 and went looking after upgrading a model that was said to never be Win-10 upgradable.


                Microsoft said otherwaise through live chat when i called and had them look to see if i upgraded OK. They said perfectly and this Toshiba recieved a perfect Upgrade. Imagine that.


                So your not alone.


                My driver wasnt found in Win10, hmm makes you wonder , but if it helps just shut off Driver Signature Enfocement before attempting to instal and chose Install Anyways and ignore SmartScreen and Shut-Off WinDefender before it decides to eat it,


                and you should be good to go (Thumbs Up)