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Graphic stuttering AMD Radeon HD 6800 Windows 10

Question asked by dippie6 on Jan 22, 2016
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I´m experiencing graphic stuttering when playing any game or watching any youtube video.

It started happening when i upgraded to windows 10.


To try to fix this issue i´ve already contacted support once. But the guide to eliminate the stuttering didn´t work.

I´ve tried clean installing windows 10, leaving me unable to revert back to windows 7 wich i had before the update.


I´ve tried to use DDU Display Driver Uninstaller and in turn tried to reinstall the AMD software.

In wich i´ve reinstalled crimson a few times and catalyst control center. Also I´ve tried to just install the driver only.

Some things made the stuttering worse and some things made the stuttering less, but never has it been fixed.


The stuttering itself happens really frequintly, often windows 10 says in a pop up message that the AMD display driver has crashed and has been repaired.

It happens very fast, the screen freezes and then I hear a really ragged sound through the freeze.


I´d really like some help here. Since it´s practically unbearable to play games or watch youtube video´s.


I´ve added my DxDiag to the ticket.


Yours sincerely,


Rens Luteijn