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Full Screen games Flickering

Question asked by malcations on Jan 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2016 by amdmatt

Mother board: 970A-D3P

Graphics card: Radeon R9 200 Cross fire.


August last year i installed windows 10 onto my computer via free update. November my Windows completely corrupted. After reinstalling and it happening again i asked a Microsoft Techie what was wrong with windows 10 and my computer and his response was "AMD has not released drivers for your chipset". I'm not sure if he knew what he was talking about but i will trust him on this as i have noticed AMD is updating to windows 10 at a pretty rapid pace. The problem i am having is, ever since that crash my computer has been unable to play fullscreen games, but it can play games in windows mode if forced. All my drivers are up to date with crimson and Raptr. Games run perfect in windows mode but when i launch in a full screen it just flickers between the game and windows rapidly and eventually just locks up the computer.


Any ideas on fixing? i have tried nearly everything now.