AMD 8570 Display issues

Discussion created by visual-3d on Jan 21, 2016

I have some amd radeons 8570 cards


the displayport portion of them don't seem to work at all

It won't display an image through displayport not even to the initial logo/splash screen BEFORE it even boots to windows so this honestly can't be a driver issue.


Now to answer some quick obvious questions i will begin:

My monitors and cables work i tried 5 different monitors  same issue on all cases ( no image on display port on any of them)

Tried the newest amd drivers 15.02 ( or 15. something)


Well you may say '' you are probably unlucky'' and got a defective displayport, but the thing is i have 4 of these cards i just bought them brand new... they all have the same issue

DVI ports display image but displayport doesn't


Operating system(s) being used: windows 7 home premium and windows 7 professional 64 bit

Any help is appreciated