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AMD Display Driver Crashing with new game engines (Unreal4)

Question asked by amddisplaydrivererror on Jan 21, 2016

I have been trying to play a game that used the unreal4 engine, at first I was using a R7 280 which was crashing on EVERYTHING. I had no resolve and decided to get a completey NEW build all AMD cpu and gpu and the motherboard has more than enough voltage for everything. I'm running a R9 380 now and I'm having this exact same problem but now only with specific newer games. I've tried using DDU or whatever to completely clean my drivers and then use windows 10's default installed ones but that did not help and I've turned off windows update before doing UDD then updated manually from AMD but the problem appears to be with the Driver it's self.


The support forums for the game I'm having the most issues on after troubleshooting for weeks determined it was AMD's fault and linked me to a thread on AMD having crashing issues with unreal4 engine and many people said AMD is just ignoring this problem (since October 2015). Just to clarify this isn't failing hardware I can run benchmarks for extended periods of time without any issues and I'm not overheating or lacking any voltage or power. Everything runs fine with most older game engines but not new ones. I really don't want to have to buy a NIVIDA gpu to use JUST for these games AMD apparently can't run without chance of crashing. And these crashes are random and somewhat game breaking for me so I need this issue resolved quickly or I'm taking my of business else where and sticking to it. I tried my best to be a "AMD Fanboy" because I was able to get my hands on so many AMD products from friends who work with you guys but I just want to play games which is what I thought AMD was suppose to be good at.


Edit: To make this easier to read for anyone,


GPU randomly crashes when playing New PC Games (Unreal 4 Engine)


-Stress Tests confirm hardware is functioning "properly"

-Montioring shows Tempatures are fine

-Two totally seperate GPUs under the same driver set (R7 280, R9 380)  have the same identical issue with Unreal4 engine and other unoptimized games/engines


I expected a reply within a few days, there are other unawnsered threads from months ago with this same exact problem. Can you guys please say something? As of right now your drivers are malfunctioning and have apparently been so for several updates now (since october 2015).