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Raedon 5770 wakes weird from sleep state

Question asked by techniq on Jan 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2016 by techniq

I just installed the Windows 10 over Windows 7.  All my displays were working perfectly under Win7.  Now can't let my computer go into sleep mode because when I wake it up, my primary monitor is black.  The secondary monitor begins to show pieces from both displays, then quickly reverts to showing just what it was supposed to show.   My main monitor remains black.

I usually can’t even close the applications that were set up on the main display, so I lose work if I let it sleep (or make it sleep). 

If I reboot, however, I can see both monitors, although my icons are sometimes shuffled between displays. Once I rearrange my icons, everything stays good unless I let it go to sleep again.

I looked for an updated driver for the display adapter.  AMD says the HD5000 series is supported for Win 10 (  I downloaded and ran Radeon autodetect utility, and it said I had the latest drivers for my card under Windows 10.

I have a Radeon HD5770 driving an LG monitor (W24866 high-resolution, dvi) as my main display, and my secondary display is a Sony SVGA (SDM-581).  I also have my TV connected as a third display, but it is not activated.

This smells very much like a Windows 10 compatibility issue.  If so, there must be a lot of people having it, but I can’t seem to find anything.

Interestingly enough, I have another computer system set up in a similar configuration and it does not have issues.  The second system uses a Radeon HD 4870 card (older than the one in my problem machine) driving two Asus high-resolution hdmi monitors under Windows 10 with no issues at all.

Has anyone else seen this?