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Eyefinity tricky setup?

Question asked by lopez on Jan 21, 2016



My brain is going to blow up trying the correct setup for a eyefinity 3x1


I got the following setup.


HD7970 XT2


2 x 24" 1920*1080  both on dvi-d

1x22" 1680*1050 by DP


the left screen is a 24"


center screen is 24"


right screen is 22




this is my deseired setup.


3x1920, loosing field of view at the right and button of the 1680 monitor (black zone)


The star is the center of the picture sowhed in the display.


Green zoone is frame offtset so final resolution , is a little more than 5760 (1920x3)







The most closed setup that i got is this.  (1920x2)+(1680)+(frame offset) = 5788x1080






The problem like you can see is that the center of the picture isn't in the middle of the center screen. is in the middle of the total resolution. 



lets do some maths






so calculating my frame offset,


5788 - [(1920x2)+1680)]= 268


adding frame offset to desired resolution


5760+268 = 6028




so, the question is, how can i setup the eyefinity to 6028x1080?