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Compatibility Issues with Athlon II Processors and very old Operating Systems....

Question asked by misterz_de on Jan 20, 2016
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I run (beside newer ones) some very old OSes on my AMD-Machines.


I noticed, that some old OSes like DRDOS and Windows 3.11 on DRDOS do not run any more on my AMD-Systems


1st-System: Athlon II 250, 8 GB DDR2, Nvidia-Chipset

2nd-System: Athlon II 280, 16 GB DDR3, AMD 880 Chipset.


I am unable to start Windows 3.11 i.e on these machines (hangs), start works fine on old VIA Nano-System or on old Intel System with Intel Core2-Processor.Does also not run on newer Intel-Machines (i.e. Ivy-Bridge-System).


Is that a known issue?


You may say, O.K., your Athlon II 250 is from 2009, but Windows 3.11 was supprted until 2001. This would mean, that i.e. Windows XP would no longer start on my 2020 AMD-System...


Any ideas?